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Ghanchakkar 2013

Initial release: May 6, 2011
Director: Bumpy
Budget: 120 million INR (US$1.9 million)
Box office: 100 million INR (US$1.5 million)

Luv Ka the End (2011)
106 min|Comedy, Drama|May 6, 2011
4.8Rating: 4.8 / 10 from 1,197 usersMetascore: N/ANot Rated
Rhea, the girl next door falls in love with Luv Nanda, only to find out he is not as nice as she thought he was. She decides to get even with Luv Nanda.

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Movie Reviews:
Ghanchakkar (English: Crazy) may be a 2013 Indian heist comedy movie review drama film directed by Rajkumar Gupta and made by Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur from UTV Motion footage. The film stars Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan within the lead roles.[1] The theatrical trailer debuted on twenty eight March 2013, beside Himmatwala. The film received mixed reviews from critics.

‘Sanju’ (Emraan Hashmi) is associate expert- master safe cracker WHO maintains an informal modus vivendi along with his married person Neetu (Vidya Balan).

He meets 2 criminals, Pandit and Idris and that they supply him an opportunity to help a bank theft. If the heist is flourishing, they’re going to make sure that he ne’er needs to worry concerning cash once more, thus he accepts the supply.

The 3 thieves build off with thirty five large full hd hindi movies integer rupees.

After the bank theft, Pandit decides that Sanju ought to keep the bag of cash hidden (as Pandit and Idris have already got record with the poilice) which they’re going to meet when 3 months so they’re going to spilt the cash.

After 3 months, Pandit associated Idris discovers that Sanjay lost his memory in an accident with head injury thus Sanju is suffering with amnesia.

Pandit and Idris decide that they will not trust Sanju any longer, they have to stay a detailed eye on him enclose he runs away- they’re going to occupy Sanjay and Neetu’s house till Sanjay remembers wherever he hid the cash and to create certain they don’t seem to be cheated and that they provide Sanjay –one week time.

Sanjay tries to recollect wherever he hid the cash however he can’t.

When Sanjay learns that his faculty friend Uttam Nagpal (Parvin Dabas) has become associate long wealthy person, apparently by winning a lottery, he suspects Uttam.

Then, he suspects his married person Neetu of knowing the topographic point of the cash as a result of she has joint account with him and additionally sole-access to their bank-locker. He accuses her of conspiring along with his friend.

Later, Sanju finds out that Uttam moves to London android flash file free when being confronted concerning the cash and additionally Sanjay finds out that Neetu has purchased a unidirectional price ticket for London thus he goes to shop for a gun to kill his married person Neetu in anger.

While he’s doing this, associate unknown person contacts Sanjay and urges him to disclose the placement of the cash.

Under pressure and currently annoyed, Pandit and Idris seize Neetu and raise Sanjay to satisfy them in an exceedingly terminus, on the third platform at 1:30am.

When each Pandit and Idris confront Sanjay and demand the cash, Sanjay claims that he does not even recognise the 2.

When Sanjay tells them that Neetu knew wherever the cash was, Idris begins to lose management. once he pulls the trigger on his small-arm, he’s shot dead by the unknown person and thenceforth, idris kills Pandit in an exceedingly rage within the train.

The unknown person tells Sanjay that the bank theft set up plan was his that he shared with Idris and Pandit however ne’er got his share …and when persistently questioning and attempting to blackmail Sanjay, the unknown person shoots frantically in frustration and Neetu is injured– hoping that the traumatic vision of his wife’s suffering can build Sanjay reveal the reality.

However, this fails since Sanjay has after all lost all his memory by currently stressed by trauma.

The unknown person searches Sanjay’s pockets, solely to seek out a banana. In revenge, he shoots Sanjay within the shoulder so Sanjay’s phone rings and he finds his mother on the road. Sanjay has utterly forgotten his identity and does not recognise his mother, however she says she features a bag that Sanjay gave her to stay 3 months agone, and if he does not come back shortly, she is going to provides it to the junk dealer.

( It reveals that Sanjay’s mother has the cash.) The unknown person overhears this and jumps on the train even as it’s beginning, however he slips on Sanjay’s banana and impales his neck on Sanjay’s fork. Bereft, confused and tired, Sanjay throws his phone out of the train whereas Neetu smiles. Sanjay has no plan what is going on on, however the train goes on its manner with the dead bodies of the unknown person, Pandit and Idris.

The sound recording of Ghanchakkar was composed by Amit Trivedi. The lyrics were written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan worked arduous to bring the film to a wider audience. The on-screen couple appeared on varied tv shows, together with Dance Asian nation Dance, Chidiyaghar, India’s dance virtuoso and Comedy Nights with Kapil. rated the film 2/5, saying, “Ghanchakkar may be a very dead film. Watch it to feel higher in your faculty lecture or job this Monday.”

Raja fractional monetary unit of same that the film “stops being funny somewhere through the second half”. The critic continued: “Vidya Balan, specifically, deserves to be singled out for clapping just because of her temperament as a number one woman to require on a job this humorous . only once watch just for Vidya Balan.” He gave the film solely two out of a potential five stars.[4]

However, Pakistani critic Mahound Kamran Jawaid from the Dawn newspaper gave Ghanchakkar a positive review, stating that Vidya Balan “gets the short finish of the stick” and is “a few hundred miles faraway from any original appeal”. He notes that the film’s “big reveal” is few revelation. And as scary because the hoodlums wish themselves to seem, their sense of menace ne’er surfaces the manner it got to. Also, their good-cop, bad-cop angle gets previous quick, and that we ne’er get to understand abundant concerning them. However, these minor grumbles ar simply that – minor grumbles”.

The film had a mean gap, achieving associate percentage of 40–50% at morning and afternoon screenings. At evening and late-night screenings, it reached a better percentage of 55–60%. On release, the primary day’s box workplace earnings were Rs seventy two million, grossing Rs seventy five.5 million on the second day. Ghanchakkar’s gap weekend generated 227.5 million, beating Ek Thi Daayan’s weekend sales of a hundred and eighty million at the domestic box workplace. The film created around Rs thirty million on its 1st Monday, creating associate overall Rs 260 million in four days. On weekday it collected another Rs twenty two.5 million, creating a complete of Rs 280 million. It grossed Rs 380 million in its 1st week.

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Ghanchakkar 2013 full movie free download HD 720p Information. Initial release: May 6, 2011 Director: Bumpy Budget: 120 million INR (US$1.9 million) Box office: 100 million INR (US$1.5 million) Ghanchakkar 2013 720p Hindi Movie Download Watch Online HD DVDRip Download Links↓ Luv Ka The End 2011 Bluray Full Movie Free Download Movie (790 MB) ↓   You Also Love: Dum...